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Heidi Wyldewood founded the original Coordination Team to support Moon Mothers and the Womb Blessing Community in the UK. Heidi, along with Adeola Sheehy-Adekale, Kerry Kwiatkowska and Helen Gialas form the current experienced team, organising and supporting Moon Mothers®, and raising awareness for Feminine Energy Awakening and the Womb Blessing® in the UK. All are volunteers, walking the Moon Mother® Path. Heidi maintains the Website and Facebook pages, and Adeola the vibrant Instagram page. We hope these also support women, men and non-binary folk looking for ways to connect to the sacred feminine and to find Moon Mothers® near them for blessings and healings. Kerry and Helen provide much needed admin and behind the scenes support.


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To add yourself to our training waiting list or update existing Moon Mother® details please contact Kerry and Helen on admin@feminineenergyawakening.com 


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Heidi Wyldewood lives on the edge of the New Forest in Hampshire.  She has been with the Womb Blessing since its inception, taking part in the very first Worldwide Womb Blessing in February 2012.  She is an Advanced Level Three Moon Mother; a facilitator of deep healing journeys using shamanic practice, energy work and mentoring; a priestess; a sacred activist; a keeper and creatrix of wild medicine and womb wisdom traditions; and a “cunning woman” who walks between the worlds. Heidi has trained in wide range of healing modalities and is also a certified yoga teacher. She lives life from the heart, in harmony with the cycles of earth, sun, moon and womb, often with her bare feet on the Earth. Heidi credits the four feminine archetype teachings of Miranda Gray as being a huge part of her own healing journey and unfolding spiritual path.


Heidi is the founder of the New Forest and Southampton Red Tent, the author of the Red

Thread Journal menstrual diary, and holds Rites of Passage, Ceremony and workshops for

women. She offers training via her online Wise Women and the Circle of Sisters course for

those wishing to found their own Red Tent or woman’s circle. For those yearning for deep

understanding of the feminine life arch, and an embodiment of the female rites of passage,

alongside a powerful personal rebirthing process she offers her nine monthWise Women and the Spiral of Stone course. She is also the creator of the Brighid Path Essences, the Brighid Path and Sovereignty SoulCraft.


As a Moon Mother, Heidi offers  the Feminine Energy Awakening Attunement (Womb Blessing®), Feminine Energy Balancing, Female Soul Healing, Menstruality Mentoring, and Worldwide Womb Blessing Circles. She is a Miranda Gray Workshop Organiser and a member of the Moon Mother International Gathering Organising Committee.







Adeola Sheehy-Adekale began her journey with the Womb Blessing in 2015 and took her Level One training that summer at the first International Gathering of Moon Mothers in the New Forest UK, with her Level Two and Advanced training following soon after.


For Adeola, her relationship with the Divine Feminine has deepened profoundly over the years and shapes every aspect of her experience. Living her life in tune with the four archetypes has been both empowering and liberating, and she is called to share this knowledge and facilitate other women along their own healing path to the Goddess.


A certified yoga teacher, reiki master and self-care advocate, Adeola works alongside others in her community to provide safe and supportive healing spaces for all women. She facilitates the Radiant Mamas space of the New Forest and Southampton Red Tent.


Adeola is also the curator of the Feminine Energy Awakening UK (@wombblessinguk) Instagram page and the writer of all its reflections on Miranda’s inspirational messages. She hosts Worldwide Womb Blessing® circles and Full Moon circles both in person and online, and helps with the organisation of Miranda Gray's workshops here in the UK.



Instagram - Feminine Energy Awakening UK




Kerry Kwiatkowska  began her journey with the Womb Blessing in July 2013 and took her Level One Training in London in November 2016,  Level Two in Glastonbury at Summer Solstice 2018 and her Level Three in Ireland in July 2019.


Kerry is passionate about empowered health and wellbeing and as such has trained in a number of Holistic Therapies since 2003, working from her Healing Hut in Norwich.


In 2006, Kerry founded and still gathers for Moonlodge every New Moon and offers circles and workshops for women at Full and New Moons in song, meditation and Drum Journeying as well as co-holding Red Tent Norfolk.  Kerry also facilitates women’s exploration of their cyclic nature in WombMoonKind, a year long course of monthly workshops.  In the summer, she co-ordinates the Healing Area and Red Tent of Harlequin Fayre in Norfolk.


She says “My journey as a Moon Mother has deepened my everyday experience of living in harmony with the Divine Feminine; I have learned to accept myself as a feminine woman and have realised the benefits of living my life around the gifts of my archetypal flow, using my experience and training to help other women is the true gift."


As a Moon Mother, Kerry offers the Feminine Energy Awakening Attunement (Womb Blessing®), Female Soul Healing and Womb Healings, and holds Worldwide Womb Blessing® Circles during the day and evening as well as Full Moon Ray and Womb Meditation Circles every month.  She is deeply committed to her path as a Moon Mother and looks forward to furthering her training and experience.


In volunteering as part of the UK Womb Blessing Co-ordination Team, she welcomes the opportunity to give something back to Miranda and the Womb Blessing® Community, who have helped to bring a renewed depth and focus to my life.







Helen Gialias empowers and supports women and girls through major life transitions, including menarche, motherhood and menopause, as well as supporting their healing from difficult life circumstances such as divorce, bereavement, miscarriage, infertility, illness, physical and emotional stress, trauma, and abuse. She draws on a variety of gentle approaches including homeopathy, womb blessings, womb healing and mentoring as well as her own personal experience of life.


Helen is a qualified and experienced homeopath with a busy practice in Bournemouth. Sheis menstruality mentor and menstrual cycle awareness educator. Menstruality is the female life process of Menarche, the Menstrual Cycle, the Menopause and the mature years. She is currently completing her training as a facilitator of the Menstrual Medicine Circle, a powerful process created by Alexandra Pope and Sjane Hugo-Wurlitzer of Red School.


Helen is one of the founders of Red Tent Bournemouth (Dorset, UK). She facilitates fortnightly women’s sharing circles and runs workshops educating women about the different rites of passage from menarche to menopause. As a celebrant, she can offer personal ceremonies, community celebrations, baby namings, handfastings, weddings, funerals and memorials.


As an Advanced Level Three Moon Mother, Helen offers the Feminine Energy Awakeneing Attunement (Womb Blessing®), Womb Healing and one to one mentoring, supporting women to become healthy, empowered and connected with their feminine aspect.





















Clare Warren, lives in the idylls of Devon.  She is a qualified Homoeopath and Vibrational Essence Practitioner, and Reiki Healer, who has undergone extensive additional trainings to specialise in women’s health.  She offers Red Tents and Workshops for women.  In her role as Moon Mother she offers Womb Blessings and Healings and Menstruality Mentoring. Clare created the Blue Moon Essence to support the feminine awakening journey of the Womb Blessing energy.






















All of the Coordination Team aspire to do the following:


1.  Connect with and support Moon Mother®s and the Womb Blessing® Community

2.  Inspire Moon Mother®s to be active and inspire women to take part in the Worldwide Womb Blessing®

3.  Educate all women about the Womb Blessing®

4.  Embody the energies of the Womb Blessing® and walk the Womb Blessing® path of awakening authentic femininity in her own daily life


"Together we hold our wings around the women in each country, creating a sacred space - either online or in World Wide Womb Blessing groups - for them to blossom in self-confidence, to share their experiences, to ask their questions, and to grow together as a harmonious, respectful and validating female family. Our voluntary service to the Divine Feminine can be challenging at times, but in return She quickens our own personal awakening and gifts us with amazing fulfilment, spiritual awareness and increasing love" - Miranda Gray about the Coordination Teams


Organisation and support within the UK

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