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Many women around the globe are deepening their own personal journey with the Divine Feminine, offering their services to others and being part of the driving force of positive change in the world by becoming Moon Mothers.   Becoming a Moon Mother enables you to access the Feminine Awakening System and help other women to awaken their own female energies.  Moon Mothers around the globe feel connected to each other and the sisterhood is joyful, tangible and supportive.  Would you like to join us?



Moon Mother Level 1

The Level 1 Moon Mother Training is a two day certificated workshop.  The Moon Mother initiation is given on the first day of the workshop and is a gift of Divine Feminine healing energies, making you a channel for these vibrations and helping you to cleanse and clear your own patterns.  


Connects you to the Womb Blessing energy through the Moon Mother initiation

Teaches you to how and when to give the Womb Blessing attunement

Explains the spirituality behind the Womb Blessing meditation

Enables you be a channel for the Womb Blessing energy during theWorldwide Womb Blessing

Shows you a simple self-healing technique

Teaches you to give a supporting Womb Healing

Provides a comprehensive training manual

Registers you as a Moon Mother with Miranda Gray

Enables you to offer the Womb Blessing as part of your healing therapies

Enables you to offer the Womb Blessing at Moon Lodges, Red Tent groups and Rites of Passage Ceremonies


Each time a woman receives the Womb Blessing attunement, her healing and the connection to the sacred feminine energies within her deepens. She will also be able to access the energy for her own personal healing and development.  The hands-on Womb Healing sequence helps women to gently heal their femininity and their womb energy centre.


Working with the Womb Blessing energies changes us and changes our lives. Being a Moon Mother is a path for bringing the spiritual energies of the Divine Feminine into everyday life and connecting women in a single, loving, spiritual, and female family. Offering personal Womb Blessing helps women through transitions and changes in their lives, and they can be a way to celebrate and acknowledge first menses, marriage, motherhood, and menopause.


The two-day training workshop is open to women of all ages, with a womb or without, with a cycle or without, or with a natural cycle or a medically managed cycle. It is however not recommended to do the workshop if you are heavily pregnant.


Have a look at our diary below for details of upcoming training workshops or contact admin@feminineenergyawakening.com



Moon Mother Level 2

This one day training is for initiated and registered Level 1 Moon Mothers only.  Often the Level 2 and Advanced Moon Mother Trainings take place one after the other over a course of two days.  Deeply woven into the practical work of the Level 2 Training is personal, spiritual growth and healing for each Moon Mother and a strengthening of her connection to the Sacred Feminine.  This training combines the Path of the Priestess-Healer, the Enchantress and the Mother.  During this training Moon Mothers:


Receive the Moon Mother Symbol initiation

Learn how to use the Moon Mother symbol in a variety of ways

Learn how to give themseves a Self Blessing

Learn how to create sacred space and a Moon Sanctuary

Learn how to create a Womb Blessing altar and make offerings to the Goddess

Are shown how to give the Divine Feminine energy as a Gift to Men

Are taught advanced Womb Healing techniques and hand positions

Learn chants to activate the three centres

Are given daily devotions to deepen their own personal connection and unfolding


This training truly enables you to live the path of a Moon Mother and extends that which you can offer others.  You will also be added to the main international website as a Level 2 Moon Mother.


Have a look at our diary below for details of upcoming training workshops or contact admin@feminineenergyawakening.com



Moon Mother Mentor

This advanced menstrual mentoring training and initiation is offered to Level 2 or Level 3 Moon Mothers :


Receive the Mentor attunement and intitation

Learn how to give Womb Blessing Mentoring

Learn how to interpret the Advanced Womb Healing techniques to balance women's individual female archetypes

Are taught how to support and help women to love their cyclic nature

Are shown specific archetypal activities to help women embody and express their cyclic nature


The Mentor Initiation opens a Moon Mother's energies to communicate the wisdom of the feminine through her words and heart.  This certified training shows Moon Mothers how to use the teachings of Red Moon for Menstrual Mentoring.


Upon qualification Moon Mother details are updated to the advanced Moon Mother Mentor online listing at www.wombblessing.com


Have a look at our diary below for details of upcoming training workshops or contact admin@feminineenergyawakening.com



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