Feminine Energy Awakening

Moon Mother®s UK

Advanced Moon Mothers are initiated and trained to offer women this support and help.  They enable women to love their cyclic nature, making it work for them rather than seemingly against them.    They teach women how to embody and express the four female archetypes via their menstrual cycle which in turn balances the woman as a whole.


For a women, unlocking these powers of her menstrual cycle can be a a huge leap forward in optimising her potential in a practical way and gives her the keys to an ever spiralling and deepening spiritual relationship with herself.


The Miranda Gray method of Menstrual Mentoring is based on the wisdom in her books Red Moon and Optimised Woman.   The mentoring is given alongside Womb Healings and Womb Blessings and is a powerful way to transform your life.


By embodying all the facets of the feminine in a cyclical way we become whole, intuitive, creative and wise.   This form of  mentoring, alongside the healing, shifts and clears old patterns very quickly, leaving us free to move forward with our lives and actuate our chosen path.  


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Menstrual Mentoring