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The Feminine Energy Awakening System  originated as the Womb Blessing® in the New Forest in the UK, with Miranda Gray, international author, artist, healer and teacher.


It first began as a global energy transmission, held on a full moon, for women in 2012.  The gentle, but powerful, attuenement re-awoke women's connection to the Divine Feminine at the Womb Centre.  It proved transformational and deeply healing.   That first year the Worldwide Womb Blessing® was offered five times, with more and more women signing up each time.   From a small seed it rapidly grew in to the most wonderful flower.


Today it has evolved in to one of the most beautiful energy transforming and healing systems in the world.  The Worldwide Womb Blessing® is still offered five times a year for free.  Trained Moon Mother®s now assist Miranda in sending the energy to more than 200,000 women, in over 150 countries, each time.  They will often hold Worldwide Womb Blessing® Circles for the public.


Moon Mother®s are also trained in the Feminine Energy Awakening System.  They offer the personal Feminine Energy Awakening Attunement (Womb Blessing®), Feminine Energy Balancing (Womb Healing), Menstrual Mentoring and Female Soul Healing to help accelerate a woman's individual journey to wholeness and authenticity.  Women benefit from the attunement and healings regardless of whether they have a physical uterus or not, and whether they have a menstrual cycle or not, because this powerful, restoriative energy works with the energetic womb centre, which is present in each and every woman. All those with a feminine energy body are able to recieve the full benefits, the raising and aligning of personal vibration, of the Feminine Energy Awakening Attunement (Womb Blessing®) and the Worldwide Womb Blessing®. Some Moon Mother®s are also able to offer the Gift for Men, a transference of Divine Feminine energy to men and those in their masculine.





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